About us

The company Reoma Grupa d.o.o. was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Zagreb, and is engaged in intermediation activity in organizing recovery and/or disposal of waste for natural and legal persons on domestic and foreign markets
Reoma Grupa d.o.o.

Safety, punctuality, reliability and quality of service are an integral part of all work processes. In according to business policy, the company's mission is to provide quality services for all types of waste management.

Big problem today is the waste management problem which has not been seriously considered nor undertaken. We call waste all materials that were created as a result of human activity, and are no longer usable or someone has discarded it.

Waste occurs in all spheres of human activity, from daily living in households to waste from service and manufacturing activities. Waste is any substance or object defined by waste categories prescribed by the waste law, which the holder discards, intends to discard it or is required to discard. Waste problem must be dealt with as part of an integrated waste management system, to avoid adverse consequences for the environment and society as a whole.

We as a company, aware of the problems within our everyday environment, decided to become friend of nature and preserve it for the next generations. That is why we can offer you a large range of services which includes the collection, treatment, recycling and trade of waste.

The company Reoma Grupa d.o.o. has a license for waste management, and we are able to offer the following services:

  • removal and disposal of industrial waste
  • removal and disposal of packaging waste - cardboard, wood, metal, foil, plastic, glass
  • removal and disposal of biodegradable waste
  • separator cleaning
  • removal and disposal of goods with expiry date and written off goods
  • destruction of archives
  • removal and disposal of bulky waste

All mentioned services can be defined in specific terms according to the dynamics of your needs or per call. After the performing of a particular service, we will issue you a certified documentation for non-hazardous/hazardous waste, i.e. verification that you disposed the waste in a legally regulated way.

Poor waste management is very dangerous for human health, environmentally destructive, additionally spending taxpayers' money and contributing to climate change. Our company is, therefore, primarily targeted to preserve the future of the environment. Through our work, we continuously strive to take care of the environment in which we operate. Raising awareness and stressing the importance of preserving the environment is a time-consuming process, but necessary for all of us and our planet. We think that an individual really cannot do much, but can start transmitting positive and friendly habits to preserve the environment. We believe that in this way we help improve lifestyle habits, which are transferred to the next generations. The circle is so opening and growing.

We sincerely hope that you will consider the proposed form of cooperation, and will recognize the company Reoma Grupa d.o.o. as a reliable partner with whom you can realize your plans for environmental protection and exploitation of valuable waste. For additional questions, feel free to contact us.

The Earth is our only home.



Newspaper, flyers and magazines

White office paper

Graphic paper

Hardcover books

Mixed paper

0.40kn/kg 0.50kn/kg 0.60kn/kg 0.50kn/kg 0.30kn/kg 0.00kn/kg


Metal - depending on thickness

Transparent Foil

Colored Foil

0.70-1.30kn/kg 0.50kn/kg 0.00kn/kg


Euro Pallets Light

Euro Pallets (Used)

Euro Pallets Dark

Disposable Pallets

35 kn

10 kn

26 kn

3-7 kn